Persona is Shutting Down

Mozilla has announced that Persona will be shutting down November 2016. django-browserid relies on the Persona service and will stop functioning properly once Persona is shut down. While it is possible to self-host Persona and configure django-browserid to rely on your own instance, this is difficult and not recommended. See the wiki page linked above for recommended alternatives to Persona for authentication.


Release v2.0.2. (Quickstart)

django-browserid is a Python library that integrates BrowserID authentication into Django.

BrowserID is an open, decentralized protocol for authenticating users based on email addresses. django-browserid provides the necessary hooks to get Django to authenticate users via BrowserID. By default, django-browserid relies on Persona for the client-side JavaScript shim and for assertion verification.

django-browserid is tested on Python 2.7 and 3.4 onward, and supports Django 1.8 and up. See tox.ini for more details.

django-browserid depends on:

  • Requests >= 1.0.0
  • jQuery >= 1.8 (if you are using api.js and browserid.js).

django-browserid is a work in progress. Contributions are welcome. Feel free to fork and contribute!