Contributor Setup

So you want to contribute to django-browserid? Great! We really appreciate any help you can give!

The documentation below should help you set up a development environment and run the tests to ensure that your changes work properly.

Get the code

You can check out the code from the github repository:

git clone git://
cd django-browserid

It is a good idea to create a virtualenv (the example here uses virtualenvwrapper) for isolating your development environment. To create a virtualenv and install all development packages:

mkvirtualenv django-browserid
pip install -r requirements.txt

Running tests

To check if your changes break any existing functionality, you can run the test suite:

./ test

Before submitting a pull request, you should run the test suite in all the Django/Python combinations that we support. We support running the tests in all these combinations via tox:

pip install tox


If you make changes to the documentation, you can build it locally with this command:

make -C docs/ html

The generated files can be found in docs/_build/html.

JavaScript Tests

To run the JavaScript tests, you must have node.js installed. Then, use the npm command to install the test dependencies:

npm install

After that, you can run the JavaScript tests with the following command from the repo root:

npm test