Contributing Guidelines

In order to make our review/development process easier, we have some guidelines to help you figure out how to contribute to django-browserid.

Reporting Issues

We use Github Issues to track issues and bugs for django-browserid.

Development Guidelines

  • Python code should be covered by unit tests. JavaScript code for the JavaScript API should be covered by unit tests. We don’t yet have tests for non-API JavaScript code, so manual testing is recommended currently.
  • Python code should follow Mozilla’s general Webdev guidelines. The same goes for our JavaScript guidelines and CSS guidelines.
    • As allowed by PEP8, we use 99-characters-per-line for Python code and 72-characters-per-line for documentation/comments. Feel free to break these guidelines for readability if necessary.

Submitting a Pull Request

When submitting a pull request, make sure to do the following:

  • Check that the Python and JavaScript tests pass in all environments. Running the Python tests in all environments is easy using tox:

    $ pip install tox
    $ tox

    Running the JavaScript tests requires node.js. To install the test dependencies and run the test suite:

    $ npm install
    $ npm test
  • Make sure to include new tests or update existing tests to cover your changes.

  • If you haven’t, add your name, username, or alias to the AUTHORS.rst file as a contributor.

Additional Resources