0.10 (2014-04-15)

  • Massive documentation update, including upgrade instructions for older versions.
  • Support and test on Python 3.2 and 3.3, and Django 1.6!
  • Disable automatic login and logout coming from Persona. This also fixes logins being triggered in all open tabs on your site.
  • Replace in-page form for trigger logins with AJAX calls. Removes need for {% browserid_info %} template tag.
  • Drop six from requirements.
  • Replace SITE_URL setting with BROWSERID_AUDIENCES and make it optional when DEBUG is True.
  • Add support for logging-in to the admin interface with Persona.
  • Remove need to set custom context processor.
  • Replace verify function with the Verifier classes like RemoteVerifier.
  • And more!

0.9 (2013-08-25)

  • Add BROWSERID_VERIFY_CLASS to make it easier to customize the verification view.
  • Add hook to authentication backend for validating the user’s email.
  • Ensure backend attribute exists on user objects authenticated by django-browserid.
  • Prevent installation of the library as an unpackaged egg.
  • Add incomplete Python 3 support.
  • Fix an issue where users who logged in without Persona were being submitted to anyway.
  • Add CSS to make the login/logout buttons prettier.
  • Support for SITE_URL being an iterable.
  • Add support for lazily-evaluated BROWSERID_REQUEST_ARGS.
  • Add a small JavaScript API available on pages that include browserid.js.
  • Support running tests via python test.
  • Fix an infinite loop where logging in with a valid Persona account while BROWSERID_CREATE_USER is true would cause an infinite redirection.

0.8 (2013-03-05)

  • #97: Add BrowserIDException that is raised by verify when there are issues connecting to the remote verification service. Update the Verify view to handle these errors.
  • #125: Prevent the Verify view from running reverse on user input and add check to not redirect to URLs with a different host.
  • Remove ability to set a custom name for the Verify redirect parameter: it’s just next.
  • Replace browserid_button with browserid_login and browserid_logout, and make browserid_info a function.
  • #109: Fix issue with unicode strings in the extra_params kwarg for verify.
  • #110: Fix bug where kwargs to authenticate get passed as extra_params to verify. Instead, you can pass any extra parameters in browserid_extra. But please don’t, it’s undocumented for a reason. <3
  • #105: General documentation fixes, add more debug logging for common issues. Add BROWSERID_DISABLE_SANITY_CHECKS setting and remove the need to set SITE_URL in development.
  • Add form_extras parameter to browserid_button.
  • #101, #102: Update the default JavaScript to pass the current user’s email address into to avoid unnecessary auto-login attempts.
  • Add template functions/tags to use for embedding login/logout buttons instead of using your own custom HTML.
  • Add a url kwarg to verify that lets you specify a custom verification service to use.
  • Add documentation for setting up the library for development.
  • #103: BrowserIDForm now fails validation if the assertion given is non-ASCII.
  • Fix an error in the sample urlconf in the documentation.
  • #98: Fix a bug where login or logout buttons might not be detected by the default JavaScript correctly if <a> element contained extra HTML.
  • Add pass_mock kwarg to mock_browserid, which adds a new argument to the front of the decorated method that is filled with the Mock object used in place of _verify_http_request.
  • Any extra kwargs to BrowserIDBackend.authenticate are passed in the verify request as POST arguments (this will soon be removed, don’t rely on it).

0.7.1 (2012-11-08)

  • Add support for a working logout button. Switching to the Observer API in 0.7 made the issue that we weren’t calling more pronounced, so it makes sense to make a small new release to make it easier to add a logout button.

0.7 (2012-11-07)

  • Actually start updating the Changelog again.
  • Remove deprecated functions django_browserid.auth.get_audience and django_browserid.auth.BrowserIDBackend.verify, as well as support for DOMAIN and PROTOCOL settings.
  • Add small fix for infinite login loops.
  • Add automated testing for Django 1.3.4, 1.4.2, and 1.5a1.
  • Switch to using format for all string formatting (breaks Python 2.5 compatibility).
  • Add support for Django 1.5 Custom User Models.
  • Fix request timeouts so that they work properly.
  • Add ability to customize BrowserID login popup via arguments to
  • Update JavaScript to use the new Observer API.
  • Change urls to